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July 13, 2019 Dining Room Lighting

Pleasant Industrial Dining Room Lighting

Industrial dining room lighting – The dining room is a very specific room that stands out for its format arrange in length and its layout. It must be well lit, if possible by several light sources, to leave no area in the dark. The ideal combination is to combine a general lighting. Floor lamp or ceiling lamp, if possible equipp with a dimmer to a suspension or a lamp placed above the table. Be aware, however, that a chandelier strong enough can serve you as the main lighting.

All you have to do is complete it with one or more discreet light sources. If your dining room does not have an electrical system to accommodate a ceiling lamp. The “arc” type lamp will be your best ally for the lighting of the table! With its XXL format and its spectacular curve, it offers a diffusing light ideal for taking meals.

In order to benefit from harmoniously distributed lighting. The ideal solution is to combine your table lighting with other, softer side lights to play on the ambiance. It is important not to neglect the lighting of the other furniture present in the room (buffet, dresser, thread, etc. …) by concentrating all the light above the dining space.

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