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July 14, 2019 Dining Room Rugs

Perfect Rug Under Dining Room Table

The rug under dining room table: the big dilemma! Ideal to bring a touch of color and more texture in the room, it is also the perfect accessory to better define the spaces. But with the chafing of chairs, crumbs and glasses accidentally knocked over, carpets are put to the test. We help you find the perfect rug, which will visually expand the space and withstand the passing years!

We start with a step that is often overlooked, yet essential: determining the size of our carpet. If he is too small, the chair legs will be caught in it. If it is too big your table will seem lost in the middle of the room and it will shrink the space visually. Take precise measurements of your future carpet: you will be disappointed if the model you have chosen does not make it as good at home as in a store!

Allow an extra 60cm on each side of the table so that your chairs are completely on the carpet and can slide easily. To visualize the size of the carpet, you can draw markings on the ground with masking tape. This will help you to project and allow you to check that no furniture hinders the passage. To visually enlarge the room, your carpet should not go under any furniture and be at least 20cm away from the walls.

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