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July 13, 2019 Dining Room Furniture

Hide Supplies in Dining Room Furniture Buffet

Your Dining Room Furniture Buffet (also called a credenza or armoire) holds cutlery, platter and other accessories that you use for entertaining. Like other clean, clear spaces in the home, the dining room buffet can easily become a hideaway and a base for misplaced entries unrelated to dinners and entertaining. You can hide your supplies in style and see your buffet stay free from plotter while maintaining an aesthetic style – if you know how.

Take everything from the top of your dining buffet, and remove something from the inside. Clean the buffet well and give it shine. These steps make you have a clean, neat surface to organize your supplies. Place your supplies in wood, leather, glass or brass organizational containers. Bet on a mixture of textures for a rich look, or keep it in line with a particular style and tone. Place your entertaining supplies such as napkin rings, special dishes and bar ware in individual containers.

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Designate specific containers for other supplies as well. This will keep them well hidden. Use baskets to organize the interior of your dinner buffet. This will maximize the space on top of your dining buffet and allow you to hide deliveries at the top and bottom. Add doors to the bottom of your buffet if it doesn’t have existing doors; doors also maximize space.

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